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1938 Alvis 12/70

We have the 1938 Alvis 12/70 for sale.

This car was introduced on September 22, 1937, by Alvis Cars. It was a 4-seater drophead coupé or sports saloon with a four-cylinder engine. It was produced between 1937 and 1940 with over 776 units produced within that period.


Engine and gearbox

The car used a four-cylinder 1,842 cc pushrod overhead valve engine that was designed specifically for it. It has a 63 hp which was sufficient to give the car a top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph). It had a four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on its top three speeds. The car manufacturer designed every part of the engine and transmission.

Steering brakes and suspension

Marles designed the Cam steering while Bendix-Cowdrey designed the brakes. It had a half-elliptic springs Suspension with the ones in the back underslung and hydraulic shock absorbers to dampen the effect.


The car came in two standard body variants of two-door four-seater drophead coupé and four-door four-seater saloon. Mulliners of Birmingham designed the bodywork for Alvis. For the four-door body, there are four side windows ensuring it is comfortable as a four-seater. There are ashtrays and roll armrests on the door with a pull-down rest in the centre. The glass louvres and slip pockets on the door fit perfectly with the body lines, and it comes with an instrument panel cupboard. The right and left wipers have independent controls, and the car also has a two-way visor. All the controls such as The ignition, headlights dip and switch, horn and signalling controls are in the centre of the spring steering wheel. It has a sliding roof with its windscreen fully opening. Back passengers have floor wells to place their feet, and on the car front, there are two horns and a stabilising bumper.

Steering brakes and suspension

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