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1965 Porsche 911


We have a 1965 Porsche 911 2.0 for sale.

When it comes to famous sports cars, the Porsche 911 ranks in the top category. Its design is legendary, classic, and timeless. While other cars adapted their designs with time, Porsche created the 911 to be a car for all time. By 1965, Porsche 911 was three years old. But the manufacturer made a landmark decision to halt production of the iconic 365 and focus solely on the 911. The car was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1963 as the Porsche 901. But the name was later changed to 911 due to conflict with Peugeot. Today, it is the most successful Porsche model. It was designed by 'Butzi' Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Porsche with the help of Head of Body Construction at Porsche, Erwin Komenda. And it would go on to shape every Porsche product created after it. In fact, since its creation, Porsche has adopted the same design language with all its cars. This can be seen in the newest 992-generation 911 which features a pair of round headlights and narrow tail lights for its sloping tail. The only significant difference between the iconic and modern 911 is the size, with the modern 911 coming bigger. The early Porsche models were based on designs that went back into 1948 with Ferdinand Porsche influenced by Volkswagen Beetle in designing the early Porsche. By the 1960s, these designs could not compete with the modern designs of that time. Competitors were already producing more luxurious cars with amazing designs. Ferrari introduced the 250 GT SWB in 1960 and was still producing the 250 GT 2+2. Aston Martin introduced its DB4 in 1959 while Maserati was creating the 3500 GT alongside a more luxurious 5000 GT. Thus, Porsche had a lot of competition doing similar things, and it opted to be different by designing a new car that looks similar to the old Porsche. This led to the creation of the Porsche 911. During its unveiling, Porsche made sure it was displayed next to the new Porsche 356 Carrera 2 to show that it is not meant to replace the 356. Production of the car took up to 12 months before it started due to the fact that the car manufacturer was not production-ready when they unveiled the prototype. Upon production, the first six months of production sold off immediately due to the long waiting list. While the decision to call it the 911 instead of 901 was purely legal and to avoid conflict with Peugeot, Porsche leveraged this to claim the car was superior to the 901 prototype. The car features include; • The SOHC 2.0-Liter Flat-Six Engine • 140 Pound-Feet Of Torque • 130 Horsepower • 0-To-60 Mph in 9 Seconds • 134 Mph Top Speed • Four-Speed Box • All-Around Disc Brakes • Each of four corners has Independent Suspension • No Swing Axle in The Rear Suspension

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