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Getting to know us

Vintage Racing Cars is a dealership focused on the sales, service, and custom works of vintage cars. We provide all kinds of vintage cars related services to ensure that you have a wonderful driving experience. These classic cars have unique needs that not just any technician or mechanic is equipped to handle, but we are. Our focus is on ensuring that your vintage racing car is in amazing shape at all times. Also, if you're looking to own a classic racing car, there is no better place to come than us. We are a reputable dealership focused exclusively on vintage racing cars, and you will find the one that matches your vibe with us. We have classic racing cars that are in top conditions, and they will give you a truly thrilling experience. Whether you are already a collector, just want to start the hobby, or you need a vintage racing car that you can drive around, we've got you all covered with our amazing collection of high-quality cars. Our vintage racing cars are excellent performers that defy all expectations when on the road. These are cars that have lasted 30, 40 years and more, and they continue to deliver on the roads and on the tracks. We ensure that we only stock durable cars capable of working fine for a very long time and with the warranties on our cars, you have nothing to worry about.

Why Choose Us

At Vintage Racing Cars, our services are excellent, and we stand out for many reasons. If you own a vintage race car or want to own one, we are your best bet. Here is why?

From our name, you can tell what we do. We are all about vintage racing cars, and that means any services related to it, we are here for you. From the moment you want to buy a vintage racing car, you can come to us because we don’t just sell, we also work with lenders to find the right car finance for you. After buying the car, we continue to provide services for you through insurance, servicing and repairs, spare parts, custom building, etc. Thus, you just have to come to us, and you’re good.

Our team is made up of qualified professionals with years of experience, skills training and development, and continuous learning. We have been dealing with vintage race cars for years, so we understand everything there is to know about it. Most importantly, we don’t relent in our learning and sponsor our staff for training sessions, courses, and workshops that will make them more qualified. Everyone from the sale’s persons to the technicians is an expert.

We are all about your satisfaction, and every service is tailored to solve a problem and satisfy a need. We know there is no better publicity than a satisfied customer.

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