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Build your race car to your taste.

Do you want to modify your vintage racing car to match your style? We are the experts in that. Whether you're just adding new accessories, updating the features, or you want a complete modification, we've got your back. Vintage Racing Cars is an expert in building classic cars to match customer's specifications. There's only better than driving a high-performance vintage race car when the car is customised to your exact tastes and specifications. That is what we do for you at Vintage Racing Cars. We can make your dream of owning a car that is built to your taste a reality. We have a team of performance experts and mechanics who will take your raw ideas, fine-tune it, and create exceptional results out of it for you to see. We build you a car that you can see and feel when driving. When fabricating or modifying your vintage race car to fit your specifications, we look to building you a safe and comfortable car. Thus, you will get a unique driving experience and get a completely safe one. We fabricate high-quality bodies and install safety equipment and seat the right way. You have absolutely zero worries when we customise your car for you. Not only do we provide coaching packages which focus on customising your car interior and exterior. We also provide modifications on your car's mechanical parts such as the chassis, suspension, and brakes. We modify your car with safety and performance in mind, so you have nothing to worry about. Are you into club racing? We can build you historic and vintage cars specifically for the purpose. We can help you find the right donor chassis to build your race car on. We are the one to come to for body fabrications, engine performance builds, brakes, suspension, and more. We build cars that are designed to win. At Vintage Racing Cars, we are specialists in the customisation of all types of racing cars from classic and prestige cars to hot-rods. Once you need customisation, you should come to us because we know just how to go about it. While our custom build services focus mostly on customising and restoring cars, we can also help you with custom car painting and body worm. Whether it is a small scratch or you need colour change, we are at your service. We have custom-built, modified, and restored several cars. Many of our works have won awards on the tracks and at car shows, and many more have been featured in magazines. This shows the quality of our works. We pay attention to build your quality and unique cars. Try us to discover the extent of our expertise and mastery.

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