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1962 Davies Special


We have the 1962 Davies Special 'can-am' for sale.

This car is unique in every way that you can think of. It is a special custom-built car. An English engineer, Fred Davies, built this car in the United States. Before moving to the United States, he resided in Canada where he worked for racing car manufacturer Bill Sadler. Before building the Davies Special, he has been part of the building process for several cars. These include Sadler Mk3 sports-racer which has similar designs to the Maserati 'Birdcage' as well as the Sadler Formula Junior monopolists. In a six-page Sports Cars Illustrated article that focuses on the Sadler Mk3, there is a picture of Mr Davies. After Fred Davies left Sadler, he relocated to California where he established a workshop close to Los Angeles. He established the workshop in 1921, and a year later, he built a sports-racer based on his own design. He used a beautifully carved tubular spaceframe, Chevrolet V8 engine, Huffaker gearbox and aluminium body. The gearbox was one of the few transmissions available during that period that was suitable for the purpose. With the Huffaker gearbox, it was very easy to change Ratios quickly from the rear and Davies designed the rear panel of this sports racer to make this possible. He finished building the car in 1962, but by then, his priorities were no longer on racing. Thus, he never used it to race and only drove it once in a while. The car was stored until 1975 when Brian Classic, a dealer in the United Kingdom, bought the car. Since then, the car has changed hands multiple times. First moving from Brian Classics to a Dutch collector, in 1978, a gentleman driver and Belgian neurologist, Pierre Haverland bought the car. He was not sure of what kind of car he bought, so he registered it as a Genie. This mistake was understandable given that the Genie sports-racers built by Joe Huffaker resembled Davies' car. Haverland restored Davies completely through the services of Peter Denty. He then raced the car in several historical events in Europe until 1983. In 1983, Haverland sold the car to an owner in Sweden. This owner would later sell the car in 2004 to the present owner in Belgium. The unique car comes with papers such as invoices written to Haverland; the Swedish road registration papers and 1983 bill of sale, 1984 FIA papers, a DVD film showing Fred Davies driving the car in 1967, and a copy of 1975 Motor Sport which contains an advertisement of the car by Brian Classic. The buyer will also get a box of alternative Huffaker gears. The car is in incredible condition and represents a unique opportunity to acquire a one of a kind car belonging to the early days of rear-engined, large capacity sports-racers.

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