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1972 Ford Capri

RS 2600

We have a 1972 Ford Capri RS 2600 for sale.

The Ford Capri was introduced five years after the Mustang. It was designed for the European market and thus had to be scaled down to meet this market's standards. Even though it was scaled down, the Ford Capri still had all the essential elements present in the Mustang that made it successful in North America. The car was designed to be a race car, yet suitable for family use. It combined a long nose with a small capability, which is suitable for a sports car. But the cabin was wide enough for two adults in front and two children at the back. The car had the perfect design to become a major hit when it was launched in 1969. But the V4 engine which produced a little more than 50 horsepower was far from enough. Ford finally fixed this by first introducing six and four-cylinder engines which were more powerful. In 1972, the V6 engine RS 2600 was introduced to make the Ford Capri the perfect racing vehicle. It was launched with the intention of homologating Ford Capri for Group 2 racing. For the car to qualify for use in the racing competition, there must be at least 1000 examples of it. With the RS 2600, this was possible. RS was an abbreviation of Rally Sport. The V6 engine added to the 1972 Ford Capri already had a history of racing competition. It has a displacement of just a little more than 2.7 litres in its original shape; this was later upgraded to below 2.7 litres for road-going versions. The engine had an output of 150 bhp which was well enough for the Capri to reach its peak performance. To ensure that they sell enough, the Capri RS 2600 price was made very attractive, enabling the car to beat all other competitors in price and performance. Racing success further boosted sales. The first series Capri cars were produced between 1969 and 1974 but the second and third series were subsequently produced till 1987, and within this period, more than 2 million units were produced. Capri was the main GT racer for Ford throughout its lifespan and won a lot of races in Europe within that period. Several Drivers such as Jochen Mass, Jackie Stewart, Klaus Ludwig, etc. drove the Ford Capri in the European Touring Car Championship. What further makes the Ford Capri an amazing sports car is its compatibility with various engines. During its lifespan, several engines were used, and it was efficiently delivered with them. The 1972 Ford Capri RS 2600 was no doubt the turning point for the model because a year after this model, Ford Capri recorded its highest sales of about 1.2 million in 1973

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